So I just recently received my SX 5 String Jazz style bass from Rondo Music. All of the cases on their website were out of stock so I bought a musicians gear molded case from musiciansfriend.com. The only thing is, the bass is about a half inch too long for the case. So does anyone have that bass or a similar one and know what kind of case will definitely fit it? Or anyone know if i should just try to get a case from rondo? I'm not looking for anything super amazing but i dont want junk either, so are their cases any good?

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Unless the headstock is actually protruding from the case, I wouldn't worry about it. My American Deluxe Precision's headstock extends about a half inch into the foam padding beyond the cavity for the bass in those cases, and it fits just fine. So do my 35" scale basses.

If it does extend beyond the outside edge of the case, then call Rondo and ask them what sort of case they recommend for your bass.
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Coffin case. Durable and tons of room. Nice little compartment that I keep my wireless and spare strings in, too. Well worth the price including the fact it looks badass.
my p-bass is about an inch long for the case.i just dented the foam,and the case is still good.
It depends on how long the scale length is, but Road Runner cases are pretty good.
Hello folks,

I was at a local dealer looking for a new case for my 42B today and the Marcus Bonna cases caught my eye. They had 2 used MB bass cases -- and at a savings of about $300 over a new MB tenor case. I've heard of people using (and in some cases preferring) the larger case for their tenors. Anyone have any first hand experience? Good idea/bad idea?

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