Ok so i got a quite simple question , but i dont know the answear to it.

Ive been playing guitar for about 2 years and im a pretty good rhythm guitar player ( well for 2 years i mean ) .

But when it comes to solos ( oh yet another shred thread? keep reading ) ive always seem to have problems . But i might have found one of the things that are holding be back.

It seems when i play solos i hold my thumb on top of the neck instead of in the middle of the neck ( as i see many other players that play metal do ).

What ive read is that by doing that they can strech further and solo easier ( on a metal approach ). If i want to play metal solos ( aswell , im well rounded ) should i focus on practicing with my thumb in the middle of the neck? and what are the benefits from it?

( more than the streches )

Thanks! // Sickz
Depends, I think its a very good thing if you learn to play with your thumb at the middle of the neck, because youll get a lot more versatile. For some solos it can be good to have your thumb over the edge of the neck but in general keep it at the middle.
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Do whatever is most comfortable to you. I play with my thumb over the neck and once spent weeks trying to force myself to keep it behind the neck. As a result, my playing suffered. I can play sweeps and fast runs just fine with it over the neck, it's honestly just personal preference imo.
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Your thumb should be over the neck when you're bending, doing vibrato or something where you need more support and force to your fretting hand. Other than that, if you want your fretting hand to move fast and easily, you should keep your thumb in the middle of neck in any other cases.
Thanks alot for the response guys! I´ll be starting practiceing it tomorrow , hopefully i will get better

I´ll keep the thread open for a while longer to hear other peoples opinion about it.