Hi GB&C!

David here from Sydney. I'm looking to mod my MIM 60th Anniversary Strat let me introduce her, this is Delilah:

Body shot w/o Flash

Back Shot w/o Backplate + Caution Wabbits!

Headstock Back w/ Flash + 60th Anni Badge

Full shot w/ Flash

Nothing fancy at the moment, just a couple of silly doodles done on impulse (i know better now) she may not play as well as others but she's mine and i've grown attached to her. For my first "real" customisation - not counting the doodles - I'm going to install THESE BADBOYS:

Lace Sensor Hot Gold Black Cover

After reading some reviews after it popped up on Sydney's Gumtree, I pounced, cautioning the water on an already superb price I offered the seller a deal which he promptly accepted.

RRP = $90x3 = $270 / Shop Price = 60x3 = 240 / Price Paid = $80.


So now comes the part where UG's (hopefully) helpful GB&C community comes in:

Being a beginner at customising guitars/electronics in general I figure asking some seasoned vets would be a good idea.

1. Pickups:

I've got a black pickguard, volume and tone knobs on order from ebay w/o pots should I order pots as well or rewire the pots i have now, the sensor's say 250k pots and .022mfd capacitors are recommended as i understand these come stock on most strats anyway.

So really two options: a) load a brand new pickguard with new pups and pots (and have another pickguard on hand for whatever) or b) strip my original of its pots and install the sensors on the blackguard.

2. Pickguard doodles:

Inspired by Jimi Hendrix's Monterey Strat (mainly the pickguard) and the whole psychedelic era of music and such I'm planning on taking my own spin on it, I've already gotten the necessary pens/markers THIS BAD BOY.

What I'm worried about is it fading like it has on my mint green 'guard, what can I do to preserve the graphics. Would a coat of varnish or polyurethane lock it in? What kind of Paint do luthiers use to design and apply these custom finishes?

All in all! Thanks for sticking with me this far, let's see what I can make of this
Keen to hear what you guys think
Fail making 3 duplicate threads.

You don't have to upgrade pots and caps, but it'd be nice to grab some high quality ones. You could recycle the caps, but I'd get some new pots and wiring at least. You never realize how low quality your pots may be until you install a $16 RSguitarworks super linear volume pot.
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Yeah sorry about that, haha!

Is there a wiring kit (with pots and wiring) available for convenience sake? if so, how much would that set me back?
Lots of places have wiring kits. RSGuitarworks is pretty popular, but they're expensive and use super high quality parts (and there's a lot of controversy as to whether those high quality parts are actually worth it). Guitarelectronics.com has wiring kits. Allparts has wiring kits. Stewmac has wiring kits. Etc, etc.

The amount that it sets you back will depend on component quality and whoever is selling it.

A word about the RSGuitarworks kits--they have 2 catagories. Vintage and Modern. Vintage means they use vintage parts like oldschool oil-and-paper capacitors. Modern means sprague orange drop caps and the like.

It's pretty much up to you to decide how much is too much. RSGuitarworks sells like a $100 wiring kit which is their top of the line type stuff. I would never spend that much on a guitar's electronics, but there are people who would.
Sounds good, I've opted for an Allparts kit off of ebay. But something of concern has popped up, the kit includes a couple of .050mfd capacitors. With the recommended caps being 0.022mfd, how will this affect my tone?

Higher value = more treble cut.

.05 instead of .02 means it will darken up more when you roll down the tone knob.
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