So, here's the deal. My first electrical guitar I got (about 7 years ago) is a Squier Affinity strat. Now, plugged in, it doesn't sound the greatest by any means. However, I keep it in my room for learning new stuff because the playability on it is second to none for what the guitar is. It's more playable than my MiM strat. So, I think I want to go ahead and mod it up rather than doing a project that starts from scratch and waste this guitar.

My plan: the guitar is red in color, so first, I'd like to redo the paint, and incorporate the red into a Monterey strat look. Then I want to replace the pups an electronics eventually.

My real question though, is what the best way to go about modding an already painted and finished guitar is. If I can' I'd like to utilize some of the red paint already on the guitar as it's essentially the color that I need. Is there any way of going about that process?
even though it's already red, you need to sand off the clear coat to paint the rest of the guitar. and there isn't really a way of sanding through the clear while leaving the red unharmed..so you'll have to start from the beginning to paint it.