We released our first demo a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd shamelessly promote it here, as well

As the title says, we're something like a Hardcore Metal/Rock band, or whatever genre fits the best. It's our first demo, so it's not perfect by any means, but please do tell your opinion!

So, here are the links to our demo (2 songs):


Thank you for any comments!
So, we've updater our Myspace layot with a cool banner. Hope you guys enjoy it. The link is in the first post.

(Don't take it too seriously)
I like it, reminds me a bit of Meshuggah. It's refreshing to hear some unsigned metal from out of the states. Being from the states I'm used to what's local and generally it's crappy "christian hardcore." You should check out my band, you might like us; here's the thread I made for us. It has the link. Metal!
Thanks to the both of you!

Denfilade, I listened to your "Ghost" track as well, and I liked it You've got some really nice sounds in there.

Corwin, yes Meshuggah is one of the big influences for us Heh, it's pretty difficult to find any musicians doing hardcore / whatever the stuff is in Finland. That's why we've had lots of problems with our line-up, as well. I'll check your band out and comment on your thread!
People, if for no other reason, go to their website and check out the band line up.

Your drummer looks brootal. On topic though, I listened to Giants fall. It is a pretty sweet song. I like the rage brudda. Really enjoyed the vocals for a change.

you may like my bands new single, "nemesis." The link is in the sig.
Thanks for the kind comment!

We didn't have a picture of our drummer (he's quite new) so we decided to improvise. Glad you liked the vocals!

I'll be checking your band out today