hey, I've been listening to a lot of nfg recently, and i was wondering, what guitar is the rythym guitarist using, it lookslike a fender jazzmaster or something like that, but its got one humbucker, hes got a few of them in different colours and I want to know if i can buy them or if its a custom shop model, thanks
Epiphone Sg special <---meh

Peavey Vypyr 30 <---awesome

It's a custom ordered fender jazzmaster. He also has a strat with the exact same specs. One volume knob, a strat style hardtail and a white EMG 81 in the bridge.
Just watched 3 of their videos, in one he is using a Tele and in the other 2 he was using a Strat. I couldn't bear to watch anymore. Its like torture.

You got a link to the video with the particular guitar in question?
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Its essentially a Fender Jagmaster. Its a Jaguar body with a single white EMG 81 and single volume knob. He also has star inlays on a full maple neck. He has them in a few colours.

His strat is actually the insiration for the Fender Tom Delonge model. Its a strat in some funky colour with a perloid guard and a single white EMG 81 and single knob.
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