I'm gonna be buying a new amp soon and I'm having a hard time choosing.........I've been comparing the Carvin V3 with the Mesa Boogie 3-channel Dual Rectifier.......the V3 has 5 12 AX7s in the pre-amp and 4 EL34s in the power amp......the specs on this amp ARE pretty impressive ........and for the difference in price,........I'm having trouble deciding if it's better to just save up the extra money to get the Mesa........I like to play Zappa, Tony Iommy, Mick Ronson type stuff, so I need infinite sustain and impessive gain and crunch,... but I still want versatility in case I want to play clean or semi clean blues or rock......sometimes I do some Robin Trower or Robert Fripp type stuff also,.....anyway is there anyone out there who has either heard or played through both of these amps???.......I need some professional opinions on this subject before I make an investment,.....I want this to be the last amp I ever have to buy..........Thanks
Hey Zappafreak,

I've got the V3. I've probably had it for 3 years now. I play everything from blues to death metal on this amp and it handles it all really well. I use a boss blues breaker and a marshall compressor to enhance the tone a little bit. The compressor gives me great sustain and a smooth tone, and the bluesbreaker is just for added gain to solos. The V3 has am effects switch which also doubles as a signal boost. I highly recommend this amp to you, however you should note that I have never played a mesa Dual rectifier. Feel free to ask any questions you may have
i think the general census is the dual rec isnt great for leads, but excells at everything else.

so if your not a 80s metal type shredder then the Dual rec is what you want.
V3 may be better at leads but will lacks randomly elsewhere.

carvin is nice and cheaper, but you will still be wanting that mesa.
I've heard the V3 gets really fizzy at higher volumes and isn't very durable.
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i have a dual rec and love it, but the V3 is deffo what you want. a lot more versatile and better voiced for your styles i think
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