So, my bassist gave me an electro-acoustic (former) 12-string Bjärton.
I did some research, and it was made somwhere between '66 and '67.

I can't seem to find what model it is, every model I've looked at is different in quite a few ways. Mainly the pickup-placement, the bridge, and paintjob.

It's very beat up, but I'll try to repair it.

I will post pictures in a short while.
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I'm trying to fix it, sorry to keep you guys waiting.

I will definitely put the pics up within an hour or so, just have stuff that needs fixing before...
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The guitar

Closer pic

The bridge with broken and missing plastics

Serial number and pickup, and a crack

Headstock (notice missing and broken tuning pegs)

Another hole


Neck, with a glued crack.


The pics got HUGE when I embedded them, so I'll just link them instead.

The guitar is strung with nylon strings, but as you can see, the pickup is magnetic, so it has to be a steel string guitar, right? The pickups work, I tested them by tapping a screwdriver on the magnets when I hade the guitar plugged in.

Several tuners are missing, and I don't know if they are sort of universal, or if I have to hunt for the right make. They look smaller than usual tuners to me, nothing like the ones on my electrics or my Epiphone.

I need to find new plastic thingys for the bridge, and, as you can see, one is broken, and I need to find some way to remove it without damaging the guitar, which I will have a hard time doing.

The body has several cracks and small holes, I think I'm gonna use some woodfill to try and repair that as much as I can. The body will also need some vacuumcleaning, as there is a lot of dust inside the guitar.

The finish is beyond repair, so I'm just thinking whether I should leave it be or refinish it. Or just sand it down a little to get it more even.
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the finish aint beyond repair.

Wood filler on the cracks/holes+ even sanding+a bit of stain+laqer it. Check out Stewie macdonalds site under the newletter section, he had something on how he repaired a 1930 acoustic guitar with prety much the same problems as that one