I'm finishing my home studio, and I need one last guitar to round it out. Im thinking the Godin may be my best option because it'll accentuate my 6505+ better for metal, but what would the parker sound like?
On musiciansfriend.com they are selling mh401nt's at a discounted price because they are no longer in production so you're getting a more expensive guitar for the same price as the Redline 1. In this case i'd get the LTD but, if it was the 401 vs. Redline 2 then because you already have an LTD i'd probably get the Redline 2 just to give a lil diversity in the neck/feel of the instrument.

In your case i'd get the LTD 401 because you can get it for a good deal and its a 25.5 scale which is generally better for dropped tunings (assuming that's what you're doing). If it was between the Redline 1 and the LTD mh350nt (newer versions) I'd get the Redline 1 but because you can get the 401 at a discounted price then the 401 it is.