You should definately tune the drums down, they're way too high compared to the guitars. They don't sound too sharp either, there's too much bass for my ears.

The guitars need way more volume and the distortion isn't that good either.

The vocals could be better as well, they don't sound aggressive at all (it sounds like you're whispering to the mic, sing louder) and you really need to work on the clean parts.

The songs have got some good ideas, but to be honest the recording is kinda low in quality.

Edit: the last track is definately the best, try going for that kind of melodic and fast songs. I found it a lot better than the other two.
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You need to project the vocals more. The screaming is abit to raspy for my taste. if your using a drum machine or whatever, why are the drums so simple, **** 8-beats, just whack in the double bass and make it sound awesome! lol
The guitars do need to come up in the mix. To be fair the quality of recording aint to bad! iv heard alot worse..
oh and the more important thing, i quite like the actually songs