A few years back one of my grandmothers gave me her old classical guitar, and I haven't been able to find much information on the company, and absoulutly no infomation on the modal.

Its a Ventura model no. 1580k. Any help would be appriciated.
I did some research on google and found that Ventura guitars were made in Japan and distributed in the US by C. Bruno out of NY during the late 60's - early 80's. Apparently, these are excellent guitars and still go for about $300-600 today. I can't find much more information than that. I would consider finding an old catalog or something.
My friend in my youth band has one, except not classical, found it up in his attic after 30 years of sitting, original strings, loose spruce top coming off, some termite holes in the fret board and it still played and sounded better than my $700 Takamine. Ventura guitars are very awesome guitars, they are basically a copy of a Taylor, which is why they were shut down in the 80's, copyright.

Do not ever sell that guitar, what you have is pure gold, something that's hard to come by. I would string it up and keep it.
I don't plan on selling it, and I've been playing it off and on. I love the tone, but would like a seven string, and I'm thinking I might try and mimic some of it on a seven string model eventually. That will be a while though.
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Also, it doesn't have a piezo or mic of some type which would be nice.

If you save up enough money you can have a preamp and mic system installed in the guitar, like how a professional electric acoustic guitar is set up, my friend plans on doing this one day. If I would recommend any preamp system, it would be Takamine's Cold Tube preamp, the thing is amazing, but quite expensive.