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I play more than one instrument.
340 88%
I do not play more than one instrument.
45 12%
Voters: 385.
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I'm just wondering how much of UG knows more than one instrument...

I know guitar, piano, and vocals if that counts. Posts stating what you play are appreciated.
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I play guitar and bass, but some people might consider them the same instrument.

edit: I can also play piano. Kinda.
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Guitar and piano for now. Would like to take up something like the cello though.
Quote by mcjosh
I play guitar and bass, but some people might consider them the same instrument.

two different instruments imo.

me: guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele (a little, not brilliantly) and vox.

EDIT: piano, but im a beginner, so not really.
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Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, alto sax, tenor sax and percussion (orchestral band)

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guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, harmonica
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I play guitar, bass, little bit of drums.
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Guitar, Bass, alto saxophone, and a little ukulele. I can play a few chords on piano but that's it.
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Guitar, drums and mandolin. I own a harmonica too but haven't really gotten into learning to play it yet.
Guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin.....that is all in order of how good i am at each instrument....guitar best violin worst
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guitar, bass, vocals
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Guitar, Bass And Drums :P not so good at drums yet tho :P
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Guitar and bass, but that's about it. Unfortunately, I'm not all that good at either one

I would like to learn drums and piano too though (and maybe how to sing well).
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My principles are jazz guitar and classical violin in college. I'm also practicing keyboard by myself because I really want to play Bach's keyboard pieces...that is the only goal as far as that goes.

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I'm a drummer mainly, but I've been playing guitar for a few years now.
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Bass, clarinet, and bass clarinet if you count that as different from regular Bb clarinet. I think it is.. it's a bit weird to play if you don't do a few things first.
I was kind of surprised to see 5 people who voted no.
I kinda figured if you can play one, you can play them all, I play guitar, bass, organ, piano, banjo and I can keep a beat on drums, I plan on learning uke and mandolin, possibly some other stuff.
I'm a guitarist, but I know how to play the drums (Just a little though), and I used to play the keyboard when I owned one.

Obviously I don't really count as a "Multi-instrumentalist" because I only own guitar-related stuff, but I hope to own a drumset, bass, and another keyboard when I live on my own.
Acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic bass guitar, electric bass guitar, electronic drum set, acoustic drum set, piano, synthesizer, clavichord, keytar and vuvuzela.
Guitar mainly,

I can bluff bass like a guitar player, I can play some basic piano, I sing and do a smidge of harmonica in one song.

but I wouldn't class myself as a multi-instrumentalist as I am only reasonably accomplished in one area.
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I mainly play guitar, and a little piano(but I suck at piano). Also, I am able to pick up and jam out on a bass when I go to a local guitar store, but I don't own one.
Guitar, Bass, and Drums

I'm best at guitar, but I can hold my own on drums quite a bit. I wouldn't call myself a qualified bassist, any guitarist can pick up a bass and just doodle around on the root notes, which is what I would do. I do a bit of slap, but it's mediocre.
Guitar,bass,banjo,bouzouki,mandolin,drums,harmonica some keyboards and I also do some vocals on the side.I do have a lot of free time though. ^^
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Obviously guitar. And I find my way around a piano but no way near well enough to even begin to think about saying I play it.
Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vox, Piano
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Guitar, vocals. I used to play the flute. I also know the notes on the piano but I only know a few songs.
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I mainly play guitar.

But I can play
Violin (quit it, probably can't still play)

I suck at any form of keyed instrument though. Keyboard, organ, piano, synth, that sorta thing.

Recorder, flute, piccolo, guitar, bass, drums, piano (some), trumpet (some), marimba/xylophone, and vox.
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Ive played piano for 13 years, guitar and drums for 4, bass for 3, clarinet and sax for 6 and trumpet for 2. I have no life
Quote by mcjosh
I play guitar and bass, but some people might consider them the same instrument.

edit: I can also play piano. Kinda.
If you play bass in the way that you've invested time into learning how to play it then I'd call it a different instrument. If you "play bass" as in you're a guitarist who has the physical ability to play bass but has never spent much/any time on it then I'd say that you don't really play bass.

On topic, I play guitar, bass and violin.
I can play guitar at a 'university' level i would say, because i am a fingerstyle guitar major, but i love metal and punk and pop and everything. I also am pretty good at bass and piano. I am a decent drummer, but i've never owned a set, i just go with what i hear from the bands i listen to. And the basic stuff. I also sang in high school and am the lead singer of my solo project which is just me haha. And i can play a VERY shitty cello, and a decent fretless upright bass.
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