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Here's the short version: (full story in next paragraph)

Budget - £150-£200 Playability over quality.
Guitar - Electro Acoustic
Requirements - Smaller body style and not too deep, Low action or adjustable action.
Question - Do all electro acoustic guitar strings have next to no bend in them? And do they have to be so hard to push to the frets? Thanks for reading.
Rich, Full story below.

Oh so you want the full story? Okay, are you sitting comfortably?
So I played an open mic night the other night and in my opinion I failed miserably. It was the first time ever playing an electro acoustic guitar which was borrowed on the night from the organizer just after her set. Issues I had were that the body of her guitar was big. really big in every way. I had practiced for the gig on my little 3/4 size nylon stringed guitar. So firstly I ask of you. The guitar you suggest must be slightly small in its body size, and definitely not deep. The most problematic thing was the strings. I play a lot of electric guitar and the bent notes get two whole steps of pitch shift out of them. but on this steel string guitar on the night. no bend at all. i was playing the lead and i rely on bending notes a lot in my solos. So there's point 2, do the strings have to be so tight and hard to push to the frets? I had a whole melodic solo thing worked out and I had to ditch it for painful, guesswork driven improv. ... 0kay final point is about the action. I saw no way of altering the action on any electro acoustics in my local shop but they all seemed to be super high, particularly towards the body which is no good for me. Am I asking too much here? Please help as I do need an electro acoustic for around £150-£200. I'll be playing to around 10 semi-enthusiastic people at a time so the quality is not essential but I do need something good that will last. Oh and on board tuning is preferred but a luxury. Thank you,

the problem the other night was probably that the guitar used higher gauge strings. it's very easy to change strings.

all acoustic guitars except for the ones that are basically toys have truss rods BUT the truss rod iss NOT how you adjust the action.

my favorite source for non-u.s. guitars is http://www.thomann.de but i didn't find any smaller guitars with electronics in your price range, which is very low. they have 9 dreads in your price range with electronics.

your best bet might be to mic your guitar or get a soundhole pickup IF that's possible.

if you need a small shallow guitar, there's always the yamaha jr1
i actually have this one, and it needed the intonation worked on, but with the right strings (i recommend martin silk and steels) this guitar sounds surprisingly good, is shallow with a short scale.

i have not tried this one
but must admit it looks spiffy. it's also got a solid top, which means better sound. in fact, if they sold it in the u.s., i'd buy one to add to my small guitar collection. in fact, i'm considering order it right now.
these are the 3 fenders w/pu's i could find at thomann

they all seem to be dreads - as is the tbucket. btw, the tbucket doesn't sound all that good unplugged, probably due to its laminate top and shallow body depth. still, it's a good value, but as far as i know it's too big for this poster and also costs more outside the u.s.
not seeing anything decent in that price range, either. perhaps going used would be your best bet. or you could get the yamaha jr1 (url listed in my earlier post) and add a pickup. perhaps an art & lutherie amie would work for you. the sound is woody but they sound a little muffled to me. i've played a lot of them, and they don't ring out - still, if you can find one in your price range, you could mic it till you could afford to add a pickup. they do feel good and are well made.

speaking of adding electronics a little later, while i'm not epiphone's biggest fan, in this price range this could be a viable option http://www.thomann.de/gb/epiphone_l00.htm
i know some folks who really like this guitar a lot, as a beater or even a main smaller axe.

i'd rather mic a guitar and save to add electronics later than buy a toy or piece of crap, which are the options if you want to buy with electronics now. electronics cost money, and there are a lot more dreads in this price range than anything else.
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okay what if i go up to £250-£280 absolute tops?


If you get it from Eagle Music, they will give you 2 years warranty (normally one) and they will put it through their workshop so that it has a proper setup before it comes out. If you tell them what you need from it, you should be happy when it arrives.
Tanglewood are the best bet in the UK in your price range.
Yamaha FG730 is also an option, but might be a touch large.

Eagle music

All Tanglewood Electros

You could go for a Non Electro and see if they can Mic it up through the PA at your venue, this gives you the option of a better quality guitar, which you can add electronics to later.

It also gives you the option of their Travel Sized (short scale) guitar, which is pretty nice. This one

All Tanglewood Non Electro

This one Here is actually All Solid and has a small Western style body, which you might find useful.

On the links to all Tanglewood etc, select Tanglewood from the drop down box and it will filter them all out.
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