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Some time ago I completed another piece, it has some post-rockish vibe. It was made for RSE, it sounds a bit crappy without it. C4C.

And I'm almost sure I've heard the main guitar riff somewhere, if anybody could tell me where is it from, I'd be very thankful.
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Don`t know the main riff, but a friend of mine is really into post-rock. I`ll ask him.

But the climax wasn`t really a big climax. Maybe some more power/melody in it?

But I thought it`s real cool that it`s in 5/4 but you don`t really notice if you don`t pay attention to it...
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I love this piece, the melodies are amazing, the timbres are great, the drums are awesome.
The flow and the build up is amazing. The delay on the lead guitar is a nice effect. The picked chords are really sweet and atmospheric, and the 5/4 feel is so natural.

The only bit of actually crit I can give, is perhaps it can be a little more climactic, not necessarily just in the climax part in the middle, but at the end as well? Apart from that it's amazing.

If you get a chance, could you look this over:

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