So, I've been playing for less than two months and my birthday is coming up on the 10th of October. My sister is kinda pushing me to ask for a guitar for my birthday (Confusing, I know) and I keep telling her that I'd have no idea what to get.

I already have a 20th anniversary Squier Strat and a Champ 15 Fender amp from some starter package that I've been practicing on and I'm wondering what I could possibly get to replace it. I'm not even sure what I want my guitar to do exactly so it's difficult to choose. Some bands that I like if it helps (Somewhat in order):

Incubus, Muse, Placebo, Mars Volta, MSI.

I really like acoustics too and I've currently been playing around with my step dads one that he bought and put away in storage for years (Without exactly getting permission >.> so it'd seem a little silly to buy my own when I'm still able to use his. It's a Yamaha F-335 by the way.

So could anybody help me out with what to do? We're going to Guitar Center tomorrow and I'm not sure how comfy I'll be testing out a ton of guitars

I think the price range is around 150$

Thanks for answers
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For $150 you won't get a much better guitar.Just ask for money and save up for something considerably better.
I know you said you want a guitar, but what about a new amp? From what I recall the cheap Fender amps have okay cleans, but the distortion is pretty terrible. A Peavey Vypyr would be within your price range.

And, you won't be able to find a guitar that's a whole lot better than your current one for that price range.
Quote by kacper_j
For $150 you won't get a much better guitar.Just ask for money and save up for something considerably better.

Kinda what I wanted to do but my sister is trying to get something special for me because it's my 21st birthday x.x
i completely agree with kacper, save up and either buy a brand new guitar. or check out what used guitars they offer not to sound cheap. but. last time i was in GC i saw some awesome guitars for 3/4 of the price :/
I'm not even sure that's how much she plans to spend but she used that as an example a few times. At least now I can say: "Forum people say I can't get much better of a guitar without spending a buttload of monies."

Also, I wouldn't mind getting a used if it meant getting a better guitar in the end. They had quite a few there and they seem to have just stocked a bunch of new guitars in since we've last been there. I just need my search narrowed a bit. Going in there and testing 20 guitars my first time might be a bit much for me but if I had an idea of what I wanted and only needed to test a few, that'd be better.
When I first started out I found that it's hard to have fun with some hard rocking with a starter amp, so I spend a little money on pedals. You need to have fun to motivate yourself, so maybe go pedal shopping instead?
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When I first started out I found that it's hard to have fun with some hard rocking with a starter amp, so I spend a little money on pedals. You need to have fun to motivate yourself, so maybe go pedal shopping instead?

After I bought my Big Muff, and then my DD-6, I enjoyed playing so much more. I was able to play the music i liked, which made me go out and learn the songs. I dont really know what any of those bands use for effects. I listen to Muse as well, but theres a crazy amount of effects, at least it sounds like there is.
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pedals are a good idea,but heres what i would do. i would get rid of the amp and pitch in whatever amount is needed and get a more solid amp. you at your budget can get great amps. if you change amps it will make your guitar sound great.
GimmeRock has a solid point man like everybodies already told you you're not gunna get a much better guitar for that but the right amp can make all the difference. I usually go to Russos guitar center cause its the coolest and closest thing to me and you can pick up some nice stuff like single 10 " Oranges brand new for around $100, and if you set yourself up with some nice pedals you wont even have to worry about what kind of guitar you've got
Get a Roland Micro Cube amp. It's got plenty of onboard effects, and you can play anything from country to metal on it.

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For that kind of money as many people said, I think you'd better buy some pedals. It can really change the sound you're getting so much that you'll have a lot more fun playing, and for the price you paid, there's nothing else as cool.

I'm not a big fan of modelisation amps with tones of onboard effects, because while they do a lot of things, I think they don't sound as good as the real deal. But on the other hand you definitely have more to mess with, so it's up to you.

A new guitar for 150$ is really not an option, you'd need to go to low/midrange, I don't think you can get anything noticeably better than what you have below ~300 bucks.
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Amps and petals...sounds good. Now I have to figure which ones for the type of music I play XD Thanks again for all the answers so far.

Roland Micro Cube looks like a good idea, I'll try it out there today. Saw it demo'd on Youtube and it was sexy <3
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For $150.00 I doubt your going to upgrade especially at GC. I have found great guitars on Craig's List for even less than $150.00. Some guitar Guitars worth three and even four times what I paid. Never rule out used your best deals will be buying used especially in this economy. Remember if GC is selling a guitar for $150.00 used they paid less than $100.00 for it usually about half what the price it at. On a rare occasion you might find a decent guitar cheap if they are running a managers special or some other discount because of age or small dent or ding.

i think you could get some used schecter for that price.. may be diamond 006 or something... still might need a nice research in craigslist or ebay
tho may be better get a tube amp.. like a small 5 watter or not a tube but still a nice amp Vypyr as others suggested already??