So today, I went to London to visit Jimi Hendrix's flat in Mayfair, where he passed 40 years ago, to look around and see an exhibition of his life.
It was truly amazing, to say i've stood in Hendrix's flat, where he lived, and died all those years ago, it had a really eerie feel to it. It was brilliant.

Unfortunately there was strictly no photography, so i'm now going to get called a troll as I have no proof, but I just wanted to know if anybody else has been or is going to this visit, or perhaps a similar experience related to a different artist.

I know it's a cool story bro, before anyone decides to tell me.

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That seems pretty warm, sis.

I wish I could go sometime...
Tonight I kill your fucking face.
I killed your face.

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that actually is a cool story, bro. sounds really awesome.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.