Just been listening to Show Of Hands' song, Roots, which is talking about what it would be like if traditional music disappeared and how important folk music is to cultural identity.

So, Pit, what are some songs which are talking about music itself?
Common - I Used To Love H.E.R.

Common's basically talking about hip hop's evolution in the 90s.
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The Who
The Song is Over
Pure and Easy
Endless Wire
Getting in Tune
Sister Disco
Long Live Rock
Put the Money Down

The who have a surprising amount
every song by ac/dc with the name rock in it.
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Chuck Berry- Rock N' Roll Music
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Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal
Tenacious D - The Metal
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Spirit of Radio

I thought this too

Under the Influence by Axiom Funk, every song by Funkadelic/Parliament that isn't exclusively about the government or chicks or a combination of the two is about funk (except Cosmic Slop, I guess)... Big In Japan by Tom Waits is, kinda. Can't think of many others.

Oh, and The Metal by Tenacious D.
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Between the Buried and Me - Backwards Marathon. Tis about the joy of making music.

Actually from Canada.
A lot of BTBAM songs.

Alaska, Roboturner, White Walls, Desert of Song.
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Sir Duke- Stevie Wonder

(Idk, all I can remember is the opening line at the moment.)
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Fassa are you doing an assignment on songs that are about certain things?

cuz all the threads by you lately have been

Turn the Page- Bob Seger, it's about being on the road and playing your music if that counts
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most bop tunes that had lyrics written to them retroactively.

I'm here to just confirm what I've been
really always sayin'
About modern jazz
It's the savior of the nation
And I'll believe it if you do too
The rhythm & blues

Like Bird
When he thought of this melody
The message he played on his horn
Was the steady confirmation
That he discovered
The sound that makes the music be free

This may sound unstable
But I know I'm able to concentrate in song to you
My lyrics may go fast
Sometimes a word may get past folks
But so I keep it swingin'
I know I've got to stay true

So like the Bird I'm gonna say that jazz is always
A happiness groove
So come on and I'll confirm it
'Cause certainly the Bird that I heard
made the word of confirmation

death to the manhattan transfer for that abomination.