I'm getting my first Bass guitar and amplifier by the end of next week. I've been playing guitar for awhile now and I'm looking to change things up a bit with a bass.

I've been looking at the Epihone Thunderbird IV package:

The Jazz/P-Bass packages:


Are the packages worth it, or should I get an amp and bass seperate?

I play mainly rock, but branch out every now and then. I do see metal after a little while, but not immediatly.
The thunderbird package defintely isn't worth it.

I think most/some people here would recommend you to get an Ibanez GSR200, used maybe and spend the rest on a decent practice amp as opposed to buying a pack.
Yeah I'd recommend a GSR200 and an acoustic B100/B200 if you can afford it.

EDIT: Or a b20/ b10.
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Packages are never really worth it.

Take a look at these basses: Ibanez GSR200, Yamaha RBX170, Peavey Millennium BXP, Squier Classic Vibe Precision or Jazz, and Squier Vintage Modified Precision or Jazz.

for amps, look at: Kustom KB series (or a used KBA series), Peavey MAX amps, or an Acoustic B20.

Pair any of those basses and amps together and you'll have one of the best beginner combination's you could get.
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Spector and Markbass