I know there is a topic for Agile already but I do have some questions about Rondo Music's other products.

Has anyone else used their lower end products of the Douglas and SX brands? I know that Agile is considered good but I've been looking at the other two for various reasons including prefered body shape and not wanting a lp or strat knock off (I don't like lps).

I have been looking at a few models
SIV 45
WT 460

My main question comes down to the actual quality of the Douglas and SX models. Is there a point where they get better or do you have to buy an agile to get to that level? How are the floyd roses on the models that have them? Is there anything else I should know about purchasing from them?
I honestly wouldn't trust the FR's on the lower-end models, simply because they're just low-quality, and I'm assuming they wouldn't last too long, and would have tuning stability issues.

I don't doubt the Douglas models are decent on their own, I've heard that they do actually use quality woods while building it, and then make it cheaper by using very cheap electronics and hardware.

If you take a Douglas and change the pickups, wiring, pots, and most likely the tuning keys (Unless they already have Grovers), then it's a good guitar, I bet.

The SX guitars, though, I honestly have no idea. They seem like they would be on-par with Squier and the like, and I'm not so sure that's a good thing I wouldn't doubt they use cheap wood + electronics all around for their very cheap models.
I have a douglas SR370 natural, and it's my favorite guitar. Grover tunes, great maple neck, mahogany body for around $200. The licensed Floyd is ok, but it doesn't hold it's tune well when using a lot. I can tell they raised the action without letting the tension off the strings and that's probably why it goes out of tune as much as it does. The wood is great qaulity, but the body is 3 piece mahogany, probably how they keep the cost down. The stock pickups weren't terrible, but I swapped them for guitarheads hex 7s for $50 and it sounds amazing. I say you get the one that's a neck thru, I can't remember what is called, but that's a great value for the price.
I saw a video of an SX Strat, you cant tell much from a video, but it seemed to play good and it did sound good.
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I modded the hell out of an SX STL-50 a couple years ago, mainly as a learning experience with basic guitar anatomy.

It was decent enough straight of the box; definitely worth the $90 or whatever. My only complaint is that the tuners are complete garbage. Never played an Agile so I can't really compare the two brands though

also pics of my SX. Humbucker in the bridge, 1 volume, no tone, and a coil split button. The only original parts are the neck and body itself, lolz