I just bought an agile 7string guitar with emg 707 pickups on it and am running through the clean channel of a mesa lonestar classic in a metal band with a EH metal muff. the sound i am getting right now is muddy and not very strong, i want to find a pedal that will distinguish my sound and make the guitar sound more crisp. i am looking for a good pedal to do this. any ideas??
sell the amp, get a mesa boogie dual rectifier...problem solved

also is your 7 string a fixed bridge if so...I'll buy it off of you
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Take out the muff, throw in an OD pedal on your gain channel to tighten things up or add more gain (not sure how much a LoneStar has gain-wise) such as an Ibanez TS9 or TS808, Maxon OD808, or if you're on a budget a Digitech Bad Monkey.
im pretty pleased with the amp when i play with my gibson les paul classic with the EH but im just not gettin good tone when im playin with emgs and the metal muff. im def gonna try out the ibanez ts