Hey, I'm kinda new to this whole section of this forum, but I realized that people posted their GP files here, so I decided to give it a try, I think I followed the rules correctly...

These are just some songs I have worked on, the first one is Genre which is my very first GP song and the only one I actually finished, it's supposed to be in D major...
Second one I wrote the acoustic guitar part and guitar solo using my 4-string bass ( ) and is not too close to finished...
Third one is also a W.I.P.
And also I attempted to write one in the Enigmatic Scale (C Enigmatic) but it kind of is more chromatic/atonal.

Anyways, I will C4C If you link me to what you want me to crit.
And not too much negative feedback, i'm only 13, but I kind of guess that alot of people say that...
EDIT: I don't use RSE.
Mostly Harmless.zip
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