Hey guys!

I'm planning on getting a new electric and I have a budget of around 200$ canadian, give or take about 50 bucks, and I want a guitar that has an all around good sound.

Can anyone recommend something decent?
with that budget, I'd say to go used. Try ebay or craigslist.

Go for a lower end Ibanez or a Jackson. Heard the JS series (for jackson) is pretty good.
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definately check out kijiji. fender strats, teles, epi SG's and godin SD's aplenty on there in your price range...

if you must go new, a squire strat will be about the most predictable/reliable option on the table for you. i know its not the coolest or sexiest guitar, but they work. plain and simple. and thats more than can be said of alot (ALOT!!!!) of cheaper guitars
I'm not sure what the prices in Canada are but look for a used MiM Strat or Tele... I see them go for around 200 but I'm from America so maybe the prices are different? Maybe even an Agile if they ship there. You should name some bands you like, it would be easier. An all around guitar can be pretty tough to find, any certain genres you for sure want to play?
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