The Final Odyssey

The country weeps for me
The souls lost without my guide
The great battle over
The time has come
The Queen awaits

The country pleas to her
The suitors implore her
My lady tricks them
My country lost
The Queen awaits

As I sail home in search of you
As I pray for you
The Gods curse me
My efforts futile
The Queen awaits

We survive the wrath
We continue the pace
Our lives nearly lost,
We must make haste
My Queen awaits

Even though many years have passed
This will not be my last
My efforts not in vain
I will return
The Queen awaits

My heart still beating
Our memories fleeting
I will take the crown
I will return to you
My Queen awaits

This earth which is home
These fields it has grown
The people not the same
I take the seat beside her
Apart from her nevermore