So Im in music class and I have to choose a playing test peice, something historical (midevil,renisance,baroque,classical or romanitc)

I was thinking of the bass recitatives in bethoveen's 9th, but Im not sure if Im able to do it.

Does anyone know of any other good peices for a begginer-intermediate player?
Take a look at some bach cello suites. I did March in G - Bach for my first music performance recital.

Another piece that you could look at by bach could be 'jesu, joy of mans desiring', its fairly easy, i think the highest you go would be a high D, if i remember correctly.

Give us a better explanation of your skill level and we can recommend some more suitable pieces, good luck.
i 2nd bach cello suites. I did one fo them also in G and it was just straight quarter notes. still a very cool sounding piece.
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sorry i took a while to get back to this. Ive been playing electric bass for 5 years and started upright this year.

The highest I can go to is the high G, I am good with most speedy things as long as there not to many position shifts. I am also not that great at bowin yet, so im not good at complex bowing patterns.
I agree with checking out some of the more straightforward Bach pieces. Or a melodic jazz ballad.
Those two pieces i mentioned are probably suited for you, the highest you will go is second position and (third for 2 notes in jesu) for both of them.