I was just wondering (hense the thread title) what do you guys (and girls?) think of the Randell MTS series amps like the RM100?

Please note I'm not looking at buying any of these amps, I was doing some research for a friend and I found these and that made me wonder how the swap-able channels sound. Do they actually sound good? or are they just hyped up tube amp models?
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yes they do. they aren't hyped up tube models...it's a tube amp. with tube preamp modules.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
There are also quite a few people out there who sell modded modules, from the clips I've heard, they sound a lot better than some of the stock ones.
^Salvation mods makes some tasty ones.

And the modular design was created by Egnater.

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Yes, they're great, OP. I would second Salvation modules, although they're made by a guy in Europe, so expect shipping to the US to be a little expensive (unless you buy them from people on the MTS forum).
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