i never really got into using one. i have a glass slide, and it sounds cool, but i just can't get the hang of the damn thing. i really want to incorporate it into my playing but i just don't get it. i've been playing for 13 years, and just now am getting interested in using one.

any suggestions or things to practice or listen to would be wonderful
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FREEBIRD! For the first 4 minutes of it, the leads are mostly slides. And another one I like is No More Tears by Ozzy.
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Are you using an open tuning? Open tunings sound a chord, usually major when all strings on the same fret are strummed, making it perfect for slide. Also, a high action makes slide a lot easier. If you're trying to play it in standard tuning, try plucking out "A" shaped chords, or double stops on the higher strings.

Playing blues in an open tuning is a good place to start, as your I-IV-V chords are open, 5th fret, 7th fret.
First, it helps to have a guitar dedicated to sllide playing. The action needs to be high enough to avoid striking the frets with the slide.
They sell a cute little adaptor that goes over your nut and raises the action just enough for good slide playing....If you can't afford a dedicated axe.

Second, you need to mute the strings behind the slide. Most players wear the slide on thier pinkie, and you rest the index finger on the strings behind the slide to prevent all those raspy and extraneous noises.
(Unless you want 'em... Sometimes a bit of "rasp" is cool....)

Place the slide directly over the fret. Practice sliding "into" a note from a few frets up or down.
A good vibrato is part and parcel of slide technique, most folks need to practice quite a bit.
Finally, as noted, open tunings are made for slide. Try open "G" or "D", they're likely the most common.
There's a lot of instructional material on YouTube.
The biggest problem most people encounter when playing slide, this is most important in standard tuning (since it's not tuned to a chord), is to use your fingers to pick instead of a pick.... this gives you more control.

place your ring fniger on the 1st string, your midddle on the 2nd string, your index on the 3rd string and your thumb on the fourth. then ret your wrist on the 5th and 6th.... now make sure when you hit a note you are silencnig the other strings. after you get used to doing this you can use your thumb to try to hit the lowest two strings but they never quite sound as good as the higher ones...

hope this helped...
I'm in a similar situation right now and have just started messing around with a slide. Does anyone have any suggestions of good slide songs to play to help get the hang of it?

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Slide guitar and blues go together like....Any two things that REALLY go together.

Pull up YouTube and just search under "slide guitar" or slide blues". Many of the great blues artists were slide players. Many of the techniques are not all that difficult; this music is not complicated; it's about raw emotion.
Check out Son House.
What got me wanting to use a slide was No More Tears. I practiced it for quite a while, and that helped my slide technique.
Chris Rea is a very good exponent of using slide, plus some of his are relatively simple!
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