Hey guys, my band recorded a song on our own and i just wanted to see what i needed to do as far as volume and mixing everything. There are no vocals yet. I just need to know what needs to be louder and softer etc etc. Its the song is called untitled. Thanks!

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What was y'all's recording setup? Sounds almost like everything was recorded with a mic in the middle of a practice room. The bass is barely audible and the overhead mic on the drums (if that's how you did it) is way too loud in my opinion, causing the cymbals to be overpowering most of the time. The guitar tone isn't great, but is probably the least problematic thing in the mix. I'd rerecord the drums to get some more kick and snare and a little less cymbals. Bass should be a pretty easy fix, just boost it a bit in the mix.
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we only had two mics and a small bad mixer. I will pry re record the guitars but theres not a whole lot else i can do about the drums. I put one mic in the bass drum and one over head.. I didnt know where else to put them.