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Guitar/Backline Tech in the Los Angeles area and on tour!
Custom guitar pedals and cabling for stage and studio!

I set up DAWs and tweak computers to record audio. Hit me up @ audioecstasyproductions[at}gmail.com

it's like, we're in the same band
Oh, you DO want a free demo?
In The Amber, you guys have a real creative vibe to your music. I like your lyrics, and think your music tailors to my liking more then most local bands I listen to.

Sleepsoil, there's not a lot to listen to from you guys, but that cookies n cream thing kicks ass

Drawing Mountains, you guys kick a good amount of ass. Your shit's together. I downloaded your album and have put it in rotation on my ipod. I also may purchase one of your t-shirts. I thought you should know all these things.

iheartblondie, I couldn't access your stuff, it makes me sad

Fastline, I couldn't really get into your stuff, not my style. Although I do think it's good for what it is.

Thanks for the love on Filthy Lawns, Orange Peril.

I think your music is pretty good stuff also. Specifically I like Incredible, that's a bad ass guitar melody. It's great to have a fan across the pond

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Quote by ZiggyGanjah

Sleepsoil, there's not a lot to listen to from you guys, but that cookies n cream thing kicks ass

thank you for the feedback! its just a one-verse, one chorus song, which is why its so short (kinda like a "BAM" set opener). We've got a bunch of other stuff, and we're working on recording right now, plus we finally found a new vocalist, so vocals will be put into the Cookies n' Cream song pretty soon as well.

I'll let all you guys know when we get more stuff up
And, ZiggyGanjah, im enjoying Tundra! Your guys' stuff is kind of mezmerizing in a good way
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