i painted my epiphone sg special. (looks awesome) and when i plugged it in i had an awful suprise i got a scratchy sound that changed with when moving my pots or switch and i could hardly hear the guitar but i could so i assume the problem isnt the pickups. thot maybe the pots were done so i cleaned them but diddnt work so i put on a set of 250k pots from a old strat they worked for a second then the sound got lost i dont have a capacitator on it right now cuz i dont have one. i triple checked the wiring schematics and its still not working whats the problem please help!
Lets see the paint job
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ya i did do the first coat over the pots but it was dumb i was tired but i took them out after and but the new 250k in and still same problem except not really buzz just cant hear guitar worth crap
Pots you had in it are dried, get some 5000k like the first post said, and use a 15watt soldering iron, it'll take longer, but less likely to burn the perf board up in the pot.
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will do m8 what cap. should i get and will radioshack have 500k pots?
they should have 500k, yes. the cap should be 47nF (.047uF). but you could use any value you want.

get a higher wattage than 15. the longer you have to hold the iron to the part to melt solder, the worse off you are. i like a 25-30 for guitar work. a 45 is great for soldering to the backs of pots.

fyi, pots arent made of perfboard, Arch1119...
Any chance of a good quality picture of the wiring as well as a schematic? It'll help us help you.
new 500k pots work amazingly thanks guys learned alot about wiring guitars from this lol thx