Hello people of GB&C.

I have a Fender Lite Ash Telecaster. (I was thinking of selling this, but I'm now thinking of modding it, hmmm.) http://www.dv247.com/assets/products/40998_l.jpg

Firstly, it has a satin finish neck, and my hands prefer a gloss finish. How easy is it to convert, anyone done it? I'm guessing that I will need to sand off the existing finish and spray on another one? Will the frets get in the way? How many coats should I give it? This guitar has abalone dot inlays, will they not look as awsome with a finish over them?

Secondly, I'm just not digging the Tele twang anymore, I was thinking of selling this guitar and buying a strat with a humbucker in the bridge. But as it was a present I'm not sure. If I change the pickups, I'll probably have to stick with a single coil sized humbucker as a normal humbucker will require me to route out space and buy a new bridge. So I'd probably go for a Seymour Duncan Hotrails in the bridge, is that a good choice? I want a heavy tone that gets nice and saturated, but isn't massively bright. I'm not sure about the neck pick-up, I might leave it, if I do leave it, will there be a massive volume difference between that and the Hotrails? (Current neck pick-up is a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro).

Lastly, if I were going to buy a start, I'd get one with a rosewood fretboard (my other main guitar is made from maple, has a maple fretboard, and a JD in the bridge, it's just too bright. I need something different for my second guitar.) Now obviously I can't change the fretboard, so is it really worth doing all these mods if I'm still going to have the brightness of the maple board getting on my nerves? (I realise only I can really answer this last question ).

Basically I just need some help deciding weather to mod or sell this guitar.

Thanks in advance.


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Fender Lite Ash Tele - sell or mod?

well you are asking in a forum of DIYers so your answer will be heavilly biased.

refinishing the neck is just that. re-finishing. you'll have to strip off the old finish and redo it with gloss. finishing guitars can be a real pain in the ass. it's alot of tedious work. also you are not supposed to finish a fretboard (unless it's maple).

for all pickup buying advice, ask in the pickup buying sticky. if there is any talk of what pups to get in this thread, i will not be happy and remember, i'm a mod (talking to you, lurkers).

yu are right about that last question. only you can answer it. get a warm humbucker to balance it out.