the lips are sealed
rusted shut
pressed together
covers upon covers
pages never presented
the fingers only licked
in attempt to risk laceration
and turn
a vault has been locked
between another's
a secret I begged not to know
in order to never risk the telling
and be told off
the pearls retreived
from the azure depths
((breathing through your nose))
when the tanks are low
but the bolts are stripped
from being wrenched so loose
the guts are clenched
the jaw locks
a plethora of combination attempted
in whispers of numbers given
the lips are sealed
and stamped
addressed accordingly
red approval smearing the surface
wax minded of its own will
imprinted upon the surface
licking friction so long ago
in half diamonds
enveloping her
in my deliverance
the lips are sealed
under first impression.
As usual, this was excellent. You certainly did wonders with the line-breaking here Nothing much to add unfortunately, but I may come back.