I'm wondering how ibanez's and epiphone's quality control compares. I'm trying decide between an epiphone dot or sheraton and an ibanez as73 or as93. I've played the guitars in question but now I'm just wondering who is more consistent with their guitars! thanks for any help!
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I was in the same position as you, but ended up going with an ibanez afs75t (mainly because I got a killer deal ) Ibanez seemed like they had better QC overall, but the Sheratons were definately nice guitars. The Dots were where the shoddy QC of Epi showed. That being said, there were definitely some nice Epis out there; you just need to play them first and make sure they are well made.
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Ibanez have great QC, even their low end guitars are consistent. There are nice Epi's too, but I dont really have much experience with them.
I do QC for Ibanez & PRS, being consistent is a must, but sometimes things do slip thru the cracks, so always play before you pay.
id love to get an ag95 but i need fret access!
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Never played an Epiphone. I'd imagine there's good ones, and bad ones, like any brand.

That's right. My G-400 was neat right out of the box. It's maybe pretty close to the best guitar you could create with those specs it has.
I have 2 ibanez's and an epihone, none of them have given me any trouble, or have had any issues from the factory, so as far as i can tell it's pretty good
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^So? I've played (and owned) craptastic Epiphones.

TS, Ibanez does have more consistent quality (as far as I've seen). Even the indonesian low end ones felt decent enough to me.
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You'll get the most bang for the buck with Semi-Hollows from Epiphone

I think I'll take the word of many experienced musicians rather than a Gibson executive who knows nothing about how to build a guitar.

Ibanez= consistent

Gibson/Epiphone= hand made==not consistent(so every guitar is slightly different)

Gibson is hand made by Johnny 2x4, Epiphone is made by Zipper Head and Dirka Dirka.
I have yet to play an Ibanez semihollow that felt, sounded, or looked good.

I have yet to play a Sheraton or Sheraton II that didn't.

Dots are hit or miss, but actually more often than not are pretty good. I don't like the finishes on the Studios, but they're still decent guitars for what you're paying.
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I side by sided an as73 and a dot a while ago but I am trying to make it over to wal mart, i mean guitar center, to do it again now to refresh my memory and to try a sheraton. I tried a casino which I LOVED and I'm expecting the sheraton to be like the casino was quality wise and how it felt too. And yes it will be heavier because the casino is hollow.
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Don't let anyone's stories of the crap Epi LP their friend once owned sway you.

Epi hollows & semi-hollows are generally well made guitars, as are the Ibanez. Try 'em all and see which one you like.
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I would go with he Ibanez... I have 3 and love them all. Good quality!
well, the day I get my guitar I'll go in and play pretty much EVERY guitar under $700 bucks, then buy! even though I've researched and everything, there could be a diamond in the rough!

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I'm up for building you a pedal.
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