So I am going to buy an Ibanez S540 this week, which I already have the money for. But I am also selling my Jackson and Valvetronix to a friend for 530$. So the S540 is going to be my main man (will be only guitar for a while) but I want a fixed bridge as my backup (to practice at home and change tunings) and I want a 7 string at the same time. I've got a Schecter Omen 7 Extreme lined up to buy for 250$ which is a pretty good deal I'm thinking. I don't have the moeny to buy 2 different guitars so I was thinking why don't I just use my Ibanez for my band and at shows and use the 7 string as a backup. I was thinking i could tune all the strings but the last one to the same tuning as my 6 string and use it as a backup in case i break a string or something on my ibanez during a show. Is this a stupid idea?

If I have a 6 string and a 7 string is it stupid to tune the first 6 strings of the 7 string to the same tuning as the 6 string for a backup at shows?

P.S. the other 280 is going to be used to pay bills and buy pedals.
sounds quite logical to me?
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