ok so this is going to take a while to explain... this is my setup.... fender roc pro 1000>furman SPB-8>crybaby original>PS-8>MXR 10-band EQ>DD-7>CS-3>Seymour Duncan Pick-Up booster>Blackstar HT-Distx>Ibanez TS-9>NS-2>Schecter C-1 Plus. So.... yesterday i was playing guitar like any other day, then my girlfriend invited me over to her house. as i was leaving, i forgot to unplug my DistX and i didnt get home until the next day around noon. but i dont think thats the problem... BOTH of my amps have the crackling sound when i play them even when i take the Distx out of the chain....

now, the my furman pedal board is plugged into a surge protector. There is a light on there that says "building wiring fault". does this "fault" have anything to do with this crackling sound? id also like to add that when i turn on the DISTX, i get this really load screeching sound.... please help.
might be obvious but - did you check your cords? usually i only have issues that sound like this when the wiring in my cords gets jacked up.
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