I made this song there is a while, and I just came out on the forums to see that there is a community of people that enjoy leaving comments on people like you and me that love creating your own songs.

Feel free to be positive , negative, neutral about the comments. Ty

Great intro, I love the riff, a great balance between melodic and rocky.

The Tempo change worked well, and it really injected pace into the song.

The riff at Bar 42 is probably the best riff in the song.
The breakdown just after it is good too, like the change in drumming on the repeat, adds a nice dynamic.

Again, more good tempo changes, and I like the drumming.
A nice balls out outro.

Overall, it's a great song, i really like it I have no real crit, I don't think it needs much improving.
Yo dude!

This is music speaking to my heart. If this was recorded, with vocals, I would probably listen to it. The riff in bar 42, is as previously mentioned, beast. Extreme energy.

Further, I really like the intro. The "bouncing" between the pm'ed C's on the 6th string to the absurd chords in high pitch sets the "let's get crazy"-mood right away... at least for me.

Also like how the intro crashes into the simplest riff ever, however, you managed to resist the temptation to let it go on for another one 'round.

Good job, man.

C4C?; https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1367887

Seems good, like the kinda stuff I would enjoy to listen to, if there were vocals. The last two sections (I guess the solo and the chorus?) really caught my ear as being great stuff. And the section leading up to that was nice too. With vocals, itd be a song that I'd enjoy