Fun idea!
i decided i'm going to make an attempt at acquiring a half-decent old crybaby or equivalent, preferably slightly damaged or missing some cosmetic parts.

i want basically want to gut the pedal, and mount the innards inside a diecast aluminium pedal box/project box, change the wah pot to a standard split shaft pot and just run it as wah voice pedal without the ability to sweep, thus making it sound like my guitar is NAGGING me, which is why i will call it a WOMAN pedal. stay tuned/donate a wah?

edit: while i'm at it, i'll probably perform true bypass surgery.
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hmm like why dya want spend money on the aluminum box and...
you could just have it in the wah box, may be ad a DPDT and a knob to have the sweeping thing fixed if you dont feel like leaving your wah half way which is not exact. like leaving in the same position each time is kinda hard...

so yeah i say do something like Tremonti wah if im not mistaken... by Morley
See if you can find a Dunlop QZone, its basically a wah that only has an on/off, no sweep. You play with the knobs to change the frequency on it and it stays there.
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it's not really nothing, to turn the wah on i first has to depress the switch by toggling the rocking pedal with my foot, then find the 'sweet spot' i use for the certain parts of songs (which might i add come on pretty quickly and end very abruptly)

it just makes the process of finding that certain area and clicking it straight on a whole lot faster. fun wreckers.
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Don't you think the whole "Nagging" part would only be augmented and enhanced by making this thing part talk-box?
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^ This, or buy a working Crybaby, and build a separate true-bypass loop box (super simple). Leave the Crybaby on, and stomp the bypass loop to add in or bypass the effect.
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Cedric, it'd be easier just to remove the gear from the pot. The you just stomp on the wah, and you can hand position the pot whenever you want.

you'd have to destroy the gear to get it off though. there is a little needle rivet going through the shaft that holds the gear on. at least in my crybaby.
making a pedal with a wah circuit made from scratch would be FAR more practical. if you get a switch and a TRS cable, you can have an external expression pedal (wah) outside, and connect it with a TRS cable to control the sweep. with the switch, you can select either to use the regular pot on the new box, or the wah pot in the expression shell to control the sweep range.
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or why dya think all wah pedals have the crybby switch system. go for morley.. i absolutely know what you need it for and why... so ive done loads it loads of times on my PWA... i first find the sweetspot as you say and leave the pedal there and just turn on/off the wah via the separate stomp switch