Could anyone recommend me a good guitar case or where to buy one. Also which I would be best going for a hard/soft cases. I play an electic Les Paul.

Also I ave been playing with ernie ball super slinkys, what are you guys opinions on these?

I would look thru Craig's List or call some local shops to see if they have any used cases. I never have paid more than $40.00 for a HSC used and as low as $15.00 some are mint some a little beat up but as long as it protects you guitar is what counts. If you have a LP an Epi case would be your best bet even though they are pretty much the same as Gibson cases they sell for a lot less. There are a lot of brands out there and some get really expensive. I try and stay away from generic cases because they are never fitted and the guitar slops around too much unless you add some padding.

As far as strings go I use only D'Addario 9s. I have tried them all and IMHO the D'Addario strings perform the best with less breakage and seem to stay in tune better than the others.
Cool. you would recommend a hard case then? I have been using ernie ball super slinkys but wanna try something a bit different (as good as the super slinkys are..)
Go with a HS case. Gig bags are a joke and offer little to no protection. Your guitar should fit into the case and not be able to move sideways. Also check that the headstock on the Lp is not touching the bottom of the case. The neck hsould be supported by the cross-piece at the bottom of the storage compartment.
Moving on.....
Just been told I'm getting a hard les paul case for my birthday. Guess that solves that problem lol
Always get a HSC for your guitars, it is essential even around the house to keep your guitar safe and happy.

As for brands, Hiscox, TKL, SKB. I would say just have a browse online, see if there's a good case out there and then, price-dependent, check em out an buy. There's no magic formula and there are a lot of manufacturers out there. It's not a problem unless you have an awkward shaped guitar (like I have with my Jaguar).

As for Ernie Ball strings, they're fine. As I always say regarding strings though...it's all a matter of preference. If you're looking to change then try out some of the other popular brands - D'addario, Rotosound, and I guess it's worth trying out coated strings to see what you think.
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