So I finally pulled the cash together for the setup I've always wanted. Mesa boogie dual rectifier head with mesa rectifier 212 cab. Both items were new on guitar centers floor in the mesa room. The head was a 2005 model on the floor for over a year 1299. Cab was 619. So I spent a good 2000. Don't get me wrong this is my dream set up and I absolutely love the sound but I got to thinking.

What about the jet city 50 watt two channel head with the b52 v30 412 cab? 1200 total. I could save 800.

They are voiced differently, and do different things better. And if you got the Jet City, I would either keep your Mesa cab or get one other than the B-52.

For one, the JCA is 50 watts, therefore you lose clean headroom ( which may not matter to you considering you got a Dual Rec.

I have to leave so I'll split this as simply as I can.

The Dual Rec will do anything in territory of modern heavy gain to br00tz incredibly well.

The Jet City, which has a looser bottom end (from what Ive gathered) will do dirty cleans to mid gain very well, and then heavy gain to high br00tz very well with a boost.

I don't know why you're considering this anyway, what music do you play?
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I love the dual rec... but I would also love 800 in my pocket
Mark Tremonti uses Rectos so if you want his sound, you should keep the Mesa. Besides, the Mesa is quite likely a much higher quality build, there were alot of problems with hum and buzz with the JCAs
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The Mesa is way more versatile than the Jet City. The B52 cab is ok, but won't hold it's value like Mesa. I wouldn't be re-thinking your purchase.
yerhp for what you play i'd say keep the mesa.... and also what makes you think you can sell on your gear for anything near what you payed? unless you plan on using a return but still i'd keep the mesa or look for used alternatives?
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Oh you'll have $800 another day...

Plus even if you did get the Jet City 50 watter I'd recomend keeping the mesa 2x12, cause a 2x12 is way nicer and easier to haul around than a 4x12, 4x12 has cool factor, but is also a back breaker. I hear people say "I can carry a 4x12 and i work out so its not a problem" well fine if you wanna work out before and efter every gig be my guest... it gets old fast...
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the Dual rec is the much better option

personally after playing a JCA amp its nowhere near as good as i thought they were and i much prefer my Recto for my style of playing. admittedly i play generally much heavier music but honestly the Recto is good for everything you want. its deffo worth the extra $800
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I'd return the amp and buy a 2 channel Recto and Recto 2x12 used for the same price as the JCA50H and B52 cab
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