...What would it be? More specifically:

Who would make it ?(Manufacturer):
What would it look like?:
What would it do?:

You have free reign, pit. The top companies want to produce your sound!
Made by Boss, would look like any other Boss pedal, and it would find my fucking picks for me.
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The "idiotic-rambling-of-a-sexually-frustrated-and-narcissistic-teenager overdrive".
Probably i would like a pedal that ALONE could pull off all of Adam Jones tones, for ALL the songs.
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Who would make it ?(Manufacturer): Idk
What would it look like?: It would be a relatively big, durable box
What would it do?: Give an instant but tweakable industrial distortion tone
Manufacturer: Peavey/Epiphone Hybrid
Style: Accelerator from a car.
Effect: Turn me into David Bowie, and dispense plecs.
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Made by MXR (Dunlop, I guess)
It would look like a larger Carbon Copy with 3 footswitch buttons, and a set of controls per channel. It'd be pretty big. it would be white
It would be a 3 channel cascading Overdrive pedal intended to sound like a Hiwatt DR-103, A vox AC30, a marshall 1959.

as far as I know, any pedals that simulate Hiwatt overdrive cost unheard of amounts of money for a stand alone pedal. Mine would be made by a mainstream company, and would therefore be affordable for far more people, plus you get the awesome tones of the superlead and the ac30 to go with it.

Keep in mind, each channel would be an individual tone that can be cascaded with the others, rather than 1 that cascades into each amp sound. (know what I mean?) In this way it's like being on stage with a hiwatt and an ac30 (or all 3 should you so desire) daisy chained and playing the same thing, but with a different tone. How awesome would that be!

I've actually been thinking about this for a long time, since as far as I know, none currently exist. If I was skilled with electronics I'd try to make a prototype to send to Dunlop to produce.
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Made by Boss, would look like any other Boss pedal, and it would find my fucking picks for me.

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Who would make it ?(Manufacturer): MXR?
What would it look like?: A blue box but bigger.
What would it do?: Same as a blue box but with knobs to better shape the fuzz and the synth bass tones, as well as being able to go down only one octave if so desired. It would also have cool ass LED lights that go crazy.
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Who would make it? (Manufacturer): Anyone cheap.
What would it do?: Heavily modulate the output of your guitar with a noise signal.
I dont care who makes it

it's made out of lego bricks

it works like this: the pedal recognizes the note and turns it into an 8-bit soundeffect. If you are shredding like crazy it sounds like a chiptune song.
Manufacturer would be anyone who wanted me really.

It'd be similar to the BYOC Overdrive II.
So, a Tubescreamer type pedal, but with a "boost" switch also. But it'd be worked on to get an overdrive sound best suiting to me like. >_>

I'm pretty unoriginal but I don't really need a pedal tailored just to me.
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Made by Boss, would look like any other Boss pedal, and it would find my fucking picks for me.


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Manufacturer: TC
Looks Like: G System but purple
Basically a G-System but with a built in expression pedal.
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Made by Boss, would look like any other Boss pedal, and it would find my fucking picks for me.

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A multi fx pedal that has two sets of inputs and outputs for pre and post amp routing, has a ton of fx, two expression pedals, and sounds analogue.
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Who would make it ?(Manufacturer):Electro-Harmonix
What would it look like?: Little Big Muff
What would it do?: General distortion pedal that could go from a light, classic distortion to a powerful modern hard rock sound.
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Maker: Electro Harmonix or Boss
Aesthetics: like 4 reg. guitar pedals fused side by side.
What does it do: Best distortion evar, (it goes to 11) has a built in EQ, compression, and volume.
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Who would make it ?(Manufacturer): Whoever'd take it
What would it look like?: Probably look something like a Line 6 M9. It'd have a bunch of lights though that serve no purpose other than making it look like an alien control panel when lights are out.
What would it do?: 535Q's wah circuit, three different fuzzes(Big Muff, crazy "The world is ending" fuzz, and vintagey Fuzz), two overdrives(One based on an overdriven Fender, one on a Marshall), a built-in synth based on the Source Audio Hot Hand, a button to push for simulated feedback, a white noise generator, an oscillation generator, theremin simulator in the Hot Hand-esque synth and the guts of a POG.

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Made by Boss, would look like any other Boss pedal, and it would find my fucking picks for me.

I don't really think anything can top this.
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Manufacturer: Custom
Looks like: Elmo
What would it do? Melt faces??? Duuh...

It would be called... wait for it... The Pit
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Some kind of awesome fuzz pedal
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Who would make it ?(Manufacturer): Boss
What would it look like?: A Boss pedal
What would it do?: Make me not suck.

So...a real version of this:
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MORE ****ING RING MODULATOR. Maybe with a fuzz or delay built in, which I can customize the chain.
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