Listening right now. I like the intro, with the cool bassline and the slide guitar There's a wierd hum, though. Might be intentional, but sounds wierd to me. Drum mix could be a bit better, maybe a somewhat louder kick. Vocals also sound a bit too loud to me, but otherwise pretty good. Good melodies.

What really stood out, to me, was all the cool sounds you came up with. The slide guitar in the beginning, the flanger on the rythm guitar, the whole instrumental part after the second chorus, and so on. Also, I thought the lyrics sounded great. Good stuff, but you need to work a bit on the mix, IMO.

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Pretty cool bassline, it reminds me of tool! The sliding guitar part straight after sounds very well, really chill! The vocals are too loud though. Great voice and melodies although it takes away from the drums and guitar parts which I can't really hear that well.

2.50 onwards is awesome, the effects you added work very well. Just fiddle with the levels and you should have a great sounding song!

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I've remixed it and I think it sounds significantly better this time around. I will now commence listening to you're guys' music. Thanks for the feedback