Lifting the remaining grub from the ground
and brushing it off with the carve of my fingers.
What is the demise of creation
or the purpose of a swarm of bees?
I have lived alone, before
I destroyed things too foolishly.
The art of concordance
lays in the dust, at the side of the road
to the notion of monitored thoughts;
therein lies your possession.

I am growing old and the pedestrians pass me by.
As I turned, civilisation faded away.
The gold rush plunged through the interstate
in a land
by, insofar
intelligence is sold,
never begotten.
And the miners would scream,
“where’s the mothers? Where’s redemption?”
But I didn’t speak the language
and they didn’t hold the currency.

The root of two states;
two classes and apparition
of loss and conflict
‘til the rural dawn.
Follow the bees
so that you may find honey.
To reap what others have sowed
and inherit the structure that is boundless...
and gather its spatial worth.


The eugenics of the wanderer
yielded nothing.
The purged stood straight and strong
and everybody feels so determined
not to feel someone else’s pain.

Which is more
I have disintegrated the equation
and stirred the evolution;
nothing is of equal worth.

Lifting my remaining grub from the ground
in the city- you can’t achieve nothin’
ole boy! The retreating view
brought no surprises:
you have bitten off more than you can chew;
you have toiled in vain.
You’re a black boy now,
why stay longer?
I am almost dead
(I know what I know)
he’ll defend our case.

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that is very cool font..i was expecting the reg arial or something but this...it must be times new roman or something..i mean its incredible.

well choice of words..great structure and consistent..i did find something tho...

oh its just a bee

did you mean swarm? or swam? how fast can you type?

on a serious note..very professional great stuff,
I very much enjoy the cultural conversation that this projects- I've realized you do this a lot: it is very much a part of the way you compose. the environment is created by voicing the inanimate- objects and characters are paralleled in a greater assembly. and by creating this greater assembly, the objectified become meaningless and a kind of coldness is created- the empathetic indifference. the grub and crumbs are likened to the citizens of a sweeping civilization, disappearing when turned away; they revert back to objective state which speaks on the piece as a whole. the wording dragged a little bit in this one, I felt it could've flowed faster, but regardless I really liked it and the theme presented (or at least what I saw in it, haha)