I've got an Ampeg VL 1002 for sale. 100 watts, 4 - Power Tubes - EL 34 or will also run 6550s. It comes with Groove Tube EL 34s. It's got 6 or 7 preamp tubes. It's got Sovtek 12ax7wa's in it. All the recommended mods to include removing and hardwiring the Molex connector that is famous for melting. This amp must be a heavy metal dudes dream. It will flat make your ears bleed...not hurt but bleed. It's got a built in attenuator also. I want to get rid of the amp because after having the amp gone thru and getting it in shape like it's suppose to be, it's just too rowdy and the wrong type of amp for the type of music I play. I would guess it's for headbangers or people that want to blow up planet earth. I asked around and these amps usually sells in the $700 to $800 range. I'll take $600 and buyer pays the shipping. It's in very very good shape. Email me with any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. Hippybilly, Cassville, Mo (40 miles west of Branson, Mo - the whole world knows where Branson is)