I'm going to start recording some of my "hard rock" material in an acoustic version. I'm looking for strings that are bright and good to nail lead work. I'm probably going to be in the lighter gauge as well, I've dealt with electric strings for awhile but I'm a bit of an Acoustic noob.
Most acoustic strings you put on are going to sound very bright and punchy right when you put them on, at least the more standard ones. Just about any Phosphor Bronze or 80/20 will work for you. The 80/20 tend to mellow out a lot quicker than the PB, so keep that in mind.

I might recommend looking at companies that make a "contact core" string, as I've noticed they offer a little bit more brightness and response. I know GHS makes one, as does Rotosound. I believe that Martin makes one as well, but they call is a flexible core, though don't hold me to that.

Lately I've been playing on GHS Laurence Juber Signature Bronze, they have a nice bright sound, are easy to play, and last a decent enough while.

And don't forget, since your recording, your mix is going to have a HUGE impact on the sound of the finished recording.
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I use D'Addario .11 gauge acoustic strings. The cover most everthing, and do a pretty good job at it IMO.
The Martin Strings iband48 was talking about are pretty decent for lead work. I think they're called "flexible cores" or something like that haha. I think that Ernie Ball's coated strings would sound great for what you would want too.