Okay I've got a Fender telecaste deluxe 72 reissue but the neck has a little wiggle room in it and the high E string is really close to the edge of the fretboard, I assume the two things are related so how do I solve the problem?
Tighten the screws holding the neck while holding the neck in correct alignment so the strings are as centered and equidistant from the fretboard edge as posible.

You might want to actually back the screws off a bit first, realign, then tighten. Use a good screwdriver that fits the screw so you don't risk damaging the head.
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i had to do this this on one of my deans.

step 1. take the neck off and make shure the skrews slide through the body of your guitar fairly easy, if the skrews grabing on the body its not going to hold ur neck tight agenst the body,it will just bind agenst its self and shift over agean.

step 2.put the neck on loose then put ur strings on "just tiight enouf to put some tension pulling ur neck" so thay pull the neck to the back of the neck pocket.

step 3 use ur strings to position them centerd up on the neck and tighten the skrews.

and there you go

step 3. use the strings