I don't want to invest into professional studio equipment for live recording at this point. I live in an apartment where neighbors bitch (a lot). I'm looking for something I can record my guitar into my computer with and listen to through headphones.

I do realize that many software products contain guitar amp modelers and effect pedal modelers. If these are included that's all the better. I have a shitty amp, and if i can emulate live ones with guitar rig or something then that would up my ability to produce quality music.

Just trying to see what's out there and what everyone seems to be using.


line 6 ux1 with pod farm. i recommend it, its cheap and does everything u want it to.
Toneport (aka Pod Studio) is always a good option. You can use most any multifx with USB audio. I bought a RP155 off eBay for $60 that can do it plus has a rhythm machine for practice.
Everybody is telling me something different. Is there something I should be looking for when choosing one? I'll pick one from this list.
I would say the bare minimum would be to buy a decent audio interface, plug your guitar direct into that, and then use vst modeling in REAPER
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M-Audio Fast Track interface-$120
Reaper with personal liscense-$60

Nick Crow 7170, 8505, Wagner Sharp, AcmeBarGig VST amps, Poulin VST amps- Free

With that stuff right there you can get next to professional tone.

Just checked out REAPER ive never heard of it before and it looks great. I used to use Cubase but I havnt touched a DAW in years. I am looking to get back into it and this program looks pretty solid for $60 (think its actually $40 now not sure).

Do you have any input/comments on the software itself?
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How about for hard rock/metal? I've been reading some reviews on that line 6 and a lot of them say that out of the box there aren't many presets for these genres. Is this true?
The Line 6 stuff is made for metal. Not sure what the reviews are talking about. Make your own presets.
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This. Get a Line 6. If you're going to record guitar and using the computer and pedals only then get the GX, but I suggest you get the UX2. I got the GX and now I want microphone functions but you can't with the GX unless you get a TRS adapter.
Thanks, just spend $250 on the mic and line 6. Can't wait, should come next week.
Good choice. I have this setup and my recordings sound great. Take time to tweak the presets. I've found the final recording sounds different through headphones vs your car stereo for example. Make sure you have a good pair of headphones. I use beyerdynamic dt 770.

Don't forget a mid stand and a planet waves cable.
one thing i can suggest with the pod farm software and most vst stuff

is double track it

it will make your sound x10 better