Hey everyone I play an ENCORE ENC165EAR. Its a really bad sounding guitar, it is tune and it still sounds terrible. It does sound out of tune it just hasnt got a nice tone! I was wondering what makes acoustics have better tones or worse tones? I want to get a new acoustic so any suggestions within the 100 - 200 pound range. Thanks
wood type for everything from the sides, back, top, and the neck and fret board...

one of the biggest factors in sound or quality of sound is that some of the wood being Solid Wood or Laminate...Laminate wood on a guitar is basically a wood cover over plywood to make it Look like its completely solid! typically gives off a week tone.

strings can make or break acoustic tone aswell...

whatever you buy, look for something that says "Solid" for the wood types on the acoustic, Seagull makes some nice quality acoustics, aswell as Simon & Patrick, both companies are owned by Godin, and they are very affordable
What's wrong with the sound of the current guitar? Too harsh? Too deep? Too lifeless? Without you telling us exactly what you find wrong with the guitar, nothing can be done to help you.
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If there's something mechanically wrong that is producing buzz, rattle, or other extraneous noise, chances are it can be fixed or adjusted.
However, if it's an inexpensive guitar and just has a poor tone there may not be much you can do.
Sometimes, a change to a heavier gauge of string will liven things up a bit...

Laminate (plywood) guitars are not necessarily bad; as with everything else there are grades of material. High-quality all-hardwood laminates can sound pretty good; depends on how the instrument is put together, it's bracing, etc.

Important thing is to play 'em before you buy. Best is to bring along an experienced player as well. It's sometimes difficult to judge the tone of an instrument that you're actually playing, as most of the sound is being projected "out there".
dont look at epiphone! for that price you could get an awsome guitar

i got my Aria Auditorium from Charlie Chandlers in Kingston for like £180, and its a beautiful sounding guitar! Shop around, check lots of things in the price range, where abouts you live?
I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Its just a very dull sounding guitar! It was cheap so im sure this is why!
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I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Its just a very dull sounding guitar! It was cheap so im sure this is why!

Something from Tanglewood in your price range would be a good idea.

Also look at the Washburn D10 S for around £130 or a Vintage V300 for less, but spend as much as you can afford, but try and get it setup at some point by a tech, so that the action etc is easier to play.
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