Well, I guess a bio and description of style would be a good place to start so here goes:

My band is called Pariah, we are a metal band from Bloomington Indiana and one of very very few non-hardcore bands around the area. I've heard our style described as Dethklok meets Lamb of god; I see the influence in some songs but I'll never try to compare my music to theirs (we're not worthy! we're not worthy!). Our members are:
Corwin Deckard (18) - Lead Guitar
Niko Albanese (18) - Drums
Dimitri Kalpakedis (16) - Vocals
Evan Pruitt (17) - Bass
Ashton Morris (17) - Rhythm Guitar

Well, I can't tell you that we're good and convince you; that's your decision entirely. So here is a link to our music and feel free to post your thoughts. http://www.myspace.com/pariah08


PS: We need a new name, this one is taken. I'm open to suggestions.
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And in case you're wondering, we recorded our music through a Carvin Mixer with Magix software in our drummers basement. It was a learn as we go kind of thing. I think it turned out decent for us knowing nothing. Sorry about the pumping from the compression, I blame it on our drummers overly compressed bass drum.
We are going to be playing with Gwen Stacy and The Black Candle Mass at Rhino's in Bloomington, Indiana on November 20th. Dunno if anyone is in the area but it'll be a kickass show.
I listened to "Fall To The Ashes", I like the feeling you guys have in it. Would be awesome to mosh to this.

You should maybe crank up the vocals a bit as they sound pretty decent, but are left behind the instruments too well. The "pumping" sound kind of gave it a different vibe, it's not all that bad. I'll be checking the other songs out later today!
Thanks a lot, and I agree with you on the vocals. One of the issues we came across when we recorded was that it sounded different through different speakers and after we had already burned about 50 demos we found out that the vocals were fairly quiet on most speakers. Myspace also has a way of making vocals seem a bit quieter too, though that may just be me. We are going to record a full albums worth of material soonish which means tweaking the songs that are finished already and we will take all criticism and suggestions into account.