Hey all!

So I haven't been playing too long, and my guitar teacher has set me the task of writing a song in D. I decided to do a pop-rocky-esque song as this is the music I like and know best. I came up with a riff i like as an intro, then palm muted some chords. I want to do a major pentatonic scale over the top of the main tune to kind of replace songs ( I don't want to sing)

However, I'm struggling to come up with something I like.

Any tips?

Thank you.
Record the chords (or have someone playing them) and improvise over the changes. That's how I come up with most of my songs. You'll eventually come up with something you like. Recording the lead guitar is useful too. Also, you might need to change the chord progression a bit if nothing really comes up.
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Dude like the guy said before, have a tape recorder with you, and hum a melody if pure away from home. When you get to whereever you can actually play aguitar listen to the melody and play around in the frets trying to find the fret that is the first note I the melody. If you're writing a pop rocky kinda song, the next one is usually 2 frets up or down, just guessing. Eventually you'll find the whole melody and then you should just practice it and practice it along with the rhythm guitar(record the rhythm chord progression) and vice versa. Do this enough, and you eventually can have an idea/melody pop into your head, and just tab it out on paper cuz you're so used to hearing different chords and notes. Hope this helps!
Thanks for all your help everyone.

I will have a go tonight to find something I like,and will record anything that I think of.