Hi guys

I recently bought an aniversary Ricky copy. I was thinking of maybe adding a jack socket so I can have stereo and mono. Does anyone have advice on this? Would it be difficult to do? Expensive?

I'm a bit bothered about strings too. Rickies have a custom gauge of strings because of the scale. Would i need (or benifit) from putting different strings on?
I dont think the string guage would matter, regardless of the scale
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guitar or bass?

If its the bass you're going to need 35" scale strings because of the gap between the nut and tuners. I tried modding mine for stereo and it was a bitch of job. The wiring is very fiddly and it's got to go in a very small space so you can't use excessive amounts of wire. In all honesty I never saw the benefit, I wish I kept mine mono.

You could swap the pickups for seymour duncan replacements they'll fit with no effort
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