I'm in to bands like Vampire weekend and the Arctic monkeys etc... but have no idea how to get a good bass sound like vampire weekend im using a Ibanez ARTB100 with a Line 6 lowdown 15. What sort of settings should i have on the amp? HELP!!
There's no 'indie bass sound'. It's all up to what you like, and what suits the band you're in. The bass tone in Vampire Weekend songs is massively different from Arctic Monkeys bass tone. VW's tone is more thin and middy (turn up mids knob on your amp or cut both bass and treble) while Arctic Monkeys is kinda... Maybe a P bass with the amp set more or less flat (all knobs in middle position). Maybe some mid boost
Just find a tone you like, that's all you gotta do. If in doubt, just play with everything set flat
Ok thanks I've sort of got a bit of a VW tone i quite like but will just have to play around with it :P
Yes, as previously stated, it all depends on what kind of Indie you're into, and even then, you must attempt to find a sound that defines you and your personal style.
For my "indie band", I played an active five stringer and pulled it through a 31band graphic EQ into a small tube head for our recording sessions. It resulted in a distorted tone, but I think it fits quite nicely.
Just experiment alot!
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